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Although Marissa Mayer left Google for Yahoo no more than two years ago,  the results are showing already. Many have doubt her decision but now she can taste her sweet revenge as the number of Yahoo viewers tops the one of Google’s. In the month of July, Yahoo topped Google for the first time since May 2011. The difference is not that big considering that the numbers shown are 196.6 million unique viewers for Yahoo versus 192.3 million for Google. This achievement is owed to the Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.                                                                               chart 300x126 Yahoo beats Google

She has invested a lot of time and energy into this. She has supported the improvement of Yahoo News, Yahoo Mail and so one. You might think that this difference of numbers is due to Tumblr, but this is not the case, as the number of viewers gained by Tumblr was not counted. On the other side the number of viewers on Youtube was counted. You should also know that the shares have almost doubled since Marissa Mayer took over the company. Yahoo has made some great investments and it started refreshing its own products.

marissa mayer 300x200 Yahoo beats GoogleAlthough the achievement is surprising for many, it is very important to keep in mind that does not include mobile results. This is not the best element of Yahoo and CEO Marissa Mayer wants to change that. She plans to invest 200 million dollars into a mobile team that can create the perfect apps.

If you are asking yourself how this is possible, and how Yahoo did this, then here are some aspects you should consider. You should keep in mind that the difference between Google and Yahoo was never that big. Yahoo was not that far behind Google. You should also know that although the achievement in the traffic department is, as many say, due to Marissa Mayer, there have been periods when Yahoo topped Google. This is not the first time. In March 2008 and May 2011 Yahoo had the first spot in the top.

You should also consider this: Yahoo’s websites are actually getting better. You might think yahoo mail 300x202 Yahoo beats Googlethis is not possible but consider about all the product makeovers Yahoo has suffered since the arriving of Marissa Mayer. The big changes started in December with the makeover of Yahoo Mail then continued in February with Yahoo’s main page, then Flickr and so on. You can see these redesigns affecting the numbers little by little, at the end making a big difference.

There were no comments made from either Yahoo, or Google, since the measurements were made by a third party.


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