Video demonstration of Google Glasses

google glasses side Video demonstration of Google GlassesGoogle has officially unveiled its new project to articulate the Android system on a pair of glasses.

For several weeks the rumors about the upcoming marketing by Google of a pair of futuristic glasses with a camera and an Internet connection. Dubbed Project Glass, this initiative is very real and Google released a video showing his vision of the future. On a dedicated Google + page, Google is trying to get feedback from users, which will refine the project.

For handling, it will go through a smartphone, Android course, these glasses to make appointments, locate on Google Maps, take pictures, and even make video calls to show what we see real time.

google glasses Video demonstration of Google Glasses
The video below illustrates how various services offered by Android might appear on the right of the bezel mobinaute. Calendar, SMS, mapping, geo-location, camera, music, video call or + Google, these features are activated by voice commands. Still Glass Project, pushing the boundaries of augmented reality, is not at present in its infancy. So here imagines the engineers of Google:

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