TT eSports Black Element cools your hand

Black element TT eSports Black Element cools your handTt eSports Black Element Cyclone version. Feature? A small removable fan, supposed to refresh the player’s hand as he aligns the virtual victims.

Launched in late 2010, the brand embodies memory Tt eSports new ambitions for gaming accessories and peripherals of Taiwanese Thermaltake. It has since 2011 in its catalog a mouse rather ambitious, Black Element, which includes among others an adjustable sensor up to 6500 dpi, nine programmable buttons, an adjustable weight system, and a backlight to enjoy five different colors.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, producing a new model whose characteristics have difficulty in exceeding those of the Black Element, Tt eSports has decided to present it in a new edition, called Cyclone. Under this new name, the mouse comes along with a small mini-USB connector, located on the front, through which he can be add a small fan.
tt esports black element cyclone TT eSports Black Element cools your hand
From about 30 mm, it directs the flow to the player’s hand, the idea being to refresh it to avoid sweating, slides and other phenomena liable to disturb the concentration of the kings of the kill. Tt eSports promises a speed of up to 6000 rpm, with noise contained to 21.7 dB, for an air flow of about 2.7 CFM. A grid is logically protect the blades of said fan, history that the player retains enough nail biting in the event of defeat.
Black Element Cyclone fan TT eSports Black Element cools your hand
The device is nothing new in a frank Tt eSports, which already offers its Challenger keyboards. Remains to be seen whether the presence of this fan is really an argument in terms of playability, and what will the cost of this Cyclone Edition, Black Element is now trading between 37 and 50 euros on the French Web.

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