The Virtual Assistant S Voice disabled by Samsung

Samsung S Voice The Virtual Assistant S Voice disabled by SamsungThe Virtual Assistant Voice S, embedded in the Galaxy and S III recently published on the Web, was blocked by Samsung.

The Galaxy S III is the new smartphone reference embedding the latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich). Against the iPhone 4S that has the virtual assistant Siri, Samsung has decided to ship its own speech recognition technology called Voice S.
Earlier this week we reported that the first system ROM had been circulating on the Internet. Several developers were able to extract the installation files S Voice, which could easily be installed on any device with Android 4.0. Besides some crashes, features voice recognition worked properly on the Galaxy S II before being totally disabled.

Samsung admits they decided to block the release of S Voice. Users observe an error message when connecting to the network. In a statement the company explained, an original version of S Voice from the Internet was blocked. Samsung Electronics does not want the consumers to judge the quality of speech recognition features based on an evaluation version.

S Voice functionality will soon be re-enabled for those with a smartphone Galaxy S III.

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