Subaru unveiled its new EyeSight System

subaru logo Subaru unveiled its new EyeSight SystemSubaru has unveiled its security system dual camera, the EyeSight System, which will be presented at the 2013 New York Auto Show. It will initially be offered as an option on the Legacy and Outback before being extended to other models.

Subaru unveiled Thursday its new EyeSight System, a security system with a dual camera.
For continuously watching the road, these two cameras are placed on each side of the rear-view mirror. Their work is to detect obstacles in order to prevent collisions. Thus, this technology slows down the vehicle to avoid shock and even stop when it operates at speeds below 30 km / h.

Subaru Eyesight 02 Subaru unveiled its new EyeSight System











EyeSight System also monitors road markings and signals its crossing by an audible alarm. Finally, the two cameras assume the function of adaptive cruise control up to 140 km / h to maintain a set distance with the vehicle in front and brake if necessary.There’s just one detail that makes us a bit nervous. According to Subaru, if EyeSight detects an obstacle in front of the vehicle but the gas pedal continues to be pushed, the system will cut the throttle. Subaru says this could come in handy if a driver accidently shifts into Drive rather than Reverse while backing out of a parking spac

Pricing for this option isn’t known yet,  though buyers interested in the brand’s product won’t have to wait long for it to trickle down to the rest of the lineup.

It is also next year when Mercedes will use this type of system on the next generation S-Class.

SUBARU EYESIGHT SYSTEM Subaru unveiled its new EyeSight System

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