Samsung PC All-in-one 7-Series

Samsung 7 series all in one Samsung PC All in one 7 Series The Samsung PC All-in-one 7-Series in a category dominated the head and shoulders by Apple. At the risk of starting a controversy, we say anyway that the American manufacturer has invented the all-in-one iMac is modern and still the benchmark despite a design that is getting old.

The traditional design of computers while one is simple: a screen on the back which is added a computer. One only has to see a test MSI AE2280 WindTop to be convinced. Of course, integration can be more or less successful, the iMac still once more above the fray on this criterion. For 7 Series, Samsung has chosen a different approach: a fine screen and the “computer” hidden in the foot.

From a design standpoint it is a choice that defends itself. We are dealing with a machine and pretty original. Combine the components in the foot, however, a major consequence: the 7 Series will occupy more space on a desktop AIO that classic, especially since it is not advisable to place objects on the foot, which exudes a quantity heat non-negligible. It is also reminiscent of what we have noticed when testing the Samsung monitor T27A950 similar design. That said the overall finish is excellent. The largely predominant metal gives a solid feel. Only real downside, the hinge of the screen which will be discussed in more detail later.

samsung all in one front Samsung PC All in one 7 Series

The connector comes down to four USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, positioned on the side, the usual audio connectors and especially dual HDMI. We can thus use his PC as a monitor, for example a console, or connect easily to a TV. This is correct in all but one would have liked a little more connectors, especially since it is not enough room.

Note that if no TV tuner is built into the computer, a USB Hauppauge comes signed by default. If it works fine but regrets that it is installed adjacent condemns the USB port, the key being particularly large.

samsung all in one back Samsung PC All in one 7 Series

A kit keyboard / wireless mouse is also present. If offers no particular function has the good taste to take the overall style of the computer.

A variable geometry screen

Like many PC All-in-One recently, the 7 Series can tilt the screen to allow easier use of the tactile part. Samsung has taken the concept here to the end because the screen tilts to 90 °.

samsung all in one screen Samsung PC All in one 7 Series

If the idea is good, it is not very well implemented. Indeed, the hinge is clearly not the point. It is too “hard” to allow the screen to move with one hand but not enough to hold it in position. Result, the screen has a nasty tendency to oscillate when using touch. We would have preferred to see a locking system certainly less convenient but much more secure.

The slab itself is good, with good brightness and wide viewing angles. We would have preferred a matte tile, but it is currently impossible if one wants to use the touchscreen. The chosen resolution (1920 x 1080) is perfect for both office use that media.
samsung all in one side Samsung PC All in one 7 Series

Powerful but unbalanced

Within our test model 700A3B-A01, we find the typical components of a desktop computer. Namely an Intel Core i5-2390T features four cores running at 2.7 GHz accompanied by 6 GB of RAM. For now, this is the only reference available elsewhere. If this processor is more than convincing, one is more surprised by the lack of dedicated graphics chip. While the HD3000 integrated in the processor is a big step forward compared to previous video integrated circuits but remains confined to video playback and office. So no way to play on this model. Without asking for a racing machine, we would have liked to play a few songs, even by cutting the graphics options. Thurs apart from that computer may however perform intensive tasks (editing, photo retouching …) without any problems.

samsung all in one dvd Samsung PC All in one 7 Series

Storage side there is a 1 TB hard drive and a DVD burner. There are no Blu-Ray So, what could be possible given the screen.

Samsung PC All-in-one Series 7: Major progress

Finally, the Samsung PC All-in-one 7-Series is not perfect. We appreciate the presence of a tilting screen but it is not very well thought out, with far too flexible hinges. Another boring default, the lack of dedicated graphics chip is prohibitive for video game enthusiasts. It’s a real problem today. An all in one is not a dedicated machine for the office and we expect this kind of machine to be familial and therefore allow different users to play a little. Despite these minor flaws are still in the presence of a good machine with original design and rather successfully. The price is correct since the Samsung PC All-in-one Series 7 is around € 950, a very reasonable price given the benefits offered.

Characteristics, model 700A3B-A01:
- Processor: Intel Core i5 2390T at 2.7 GHz (4 cores)
- Memory: 6 GB
- Screen: 23 inch (1920 x 1080)
- Graphics chip: Intel HD3000
- Hard Drive: 1 TB (7200 rpm)
- Optical: DVD ± R / RW
- 1.3 MP webcam
- Dimensions: 562.3 x 213.0 X382, 1 mm
- Weight: 8.3 kg

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