Samsung Galaxy S3 Officially Unveiled

Samsung Galaxy S3 White Samsung Galaxy S3 Officially UnveiledThe latest smartphone from Samsung is an evolution of the latest models from the Korean manufacturer a revolution. But technically it outclasses the iPhone 4S.

The Galaxy S3 is finally revealed. He will start the onslaught of European consumers from late May. With this device, Samsung redefines the standard for smartphone. There is, however, that resume forms and graphics resolution of Galaxy Nexus launched last October. The latter is marketed directly by Google on its website.

0.4 mm thinner and lighter than its predecessor 2g, the Galaxy S3 does not have at least a bigger screen (4.8 “vs. 4.65), a removable battery more efficient (2100 vs. 1750 mH ), a better camera (8 vs. 5 megapixels) and especially a quad-core processor, a dual-core cons for the Nexus.

The main innovation of the newest gadget from Samsung is its motion sensor, this on the front of the device that controls the extinction of the screen. A useful feature that prevents the device to turn off as the user watches the screen, while playing as an ebook for example.
Samsung Galaxy S3 Black Samsung Galaxy S3 Officially Unveiled
In its search for technology, Samsung also innovates in the imaging of Galaxy S3 which now competes with cameras midrange, with a burst mode that takes 20 pictures at once and taking pictures while recording a movie .

Equally innovative is the voice recognition, which already existed in the Galaxy S2, but which now bears a name, S-Voice. A little wink probably Siri, the competing technology from Apple. “Samsung continues its strategy towards Apple’s pushing the limits of what can be done in hardware and match, see surpass the iPhone in software. This is despite the fact that Android is not yet at the same level of usability than the iPhone, “says Roger Kay, an analyst at Endpoint Associates.

samsung galaxy s3 Samsung Galaxy S3 Officially Unveiled
The importance of the removable battery

Another acclaimed by experts is the presence of a removable battery. “From generation to generation, Samsung proves that we can have both a beautiful design and a removable battery. An essential option for such a battery that holds charge up to 2 years. After you have to throw your iPhone 4 because it is too complicated to change ourselves.

The analyst Jack Gold regrets the plastic shell of the Galaxy S3 which always gives smartphones from Samsung and their fragile side “low cost”. And then there’s the screen size which is constantly increasing. “And it becomes a problem because after a while it will take two hands to manipulate systematically the smartphones. This in many cases, is not practical.” Samsung was able to enlarge the screen size of the Galaxy S3, really without increasing its size by reducing the edges. The fact remains that at this rate it will soon fingers of giants to reach the 4 corners of the phone!

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