Samsung Galaxy S3 : Coming Soon

galaxy s3 Samsung Galaxy S3 : Coming SoonThis summer may be a crucial time for the mobile industry. Two of the biggest competitors in the market of mobile phones, Apple and Samsung could release their new smartphone at the same time if we are to believe the information Androidandme blog.

The blog said the launch would take place in June, according to the rumor circulating this week where you could also see a picture of the latest Galaxy S3. According to the same information blog Android, rendering high-resolution of a new gadget should be revealed.

Although the launch date of the latest smartphone from Samsung is not yet confirmed a summer release could put the phone in competition with the new Apple iPhone 5. The company had used lettuce to launch its iPhone in general during the summer season, the likely exit from the same period of the two rival smartphones will be much written and the battle between two giants looks terrible!

If the S2 is anything to go by, the S3 is set to break new ground with improvements to the super slim form factor found in theS2. There will a faster processor with some tipping quad core, improved display screen and a bigger megapixel camera and a new TouchWiz interface.
Out of all the smartphone manufacturers Samsung has done an excellent job in developing integrated software applications that deliver an improved experience when using the phone, searching contacts, messaging and emailing.

samsung galaxy s3 Samsung Galaxy S3 : Coming Soon

The device will be 4G and run on Android 4.03, it will also have a new 8 megapixel camera at a minimum and the possibility of a 12 megapixel offering .Under the bonnet could be an Exynos 4412 chipset with quad-core capability and speeds of 1.5GHz. Another minimum will be 1GB of Ram and 16 GB of storage. There will also be options to upgrade storage. Or they could use the dual-core Exynos 4212, with a dual-core ARM9 chipset that is significantly faster than the current S2 or a newer Exynos 5250 chipset which can be upgraded to 2GHz.
Although there are already thousands of rumors and speculation around the future iPhone 5, about its design and its features, the Samsung Galaxy 3 isn’t ashamed because he also holds the attention and rumors doing well!


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