Philips LCD ErgoSensor identifies the user’s posture

philips logo Philips LCD ErgoSensor identifies the users posture Freshly presented by Philips, the LCD ErgoSensor integrates a sensor that identifies the user’s posture and sends alerts to correct its position according to several parameters.

The CMOS sensor disposed on the top of the screen can detect the posture of the user and the distance which separates it from the device. The ErgoSensor is also programmed to measure the duration of user sessions, and if it is too long, it runs alerts the user to motivate him to take a break. When the person moves away from the screen, it is able to detect and automatically turn off the power to save energy.

This 24-inch screen for a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels was designed by Philips in partnership with DigitalOptics Corporation, which focuses on improving usability through human-machine interfaces. “We see this new product as a precursor for many ergonomic devices that will help consumers to maintain their health while working efficiently on a computer system,” commented an official of Philips.
philips ergosensor monitor Philips LCD ErgoSensor identifies the users posture
The ErgoSensor also offers a response time of 5ms, a contrast ratio 1000: 1, brightness of 250 cd / m² and connectors DisplayPort, DVI-D and VGA. It also benefits from SmartImage brand, and a design that allows SmartErgoBase precisely adjust its support – which is quite logical given the objective of the whole.
philips ergosensor Philips LCD ErgoSensor identifies the users posture
In terms of price and availability, nothing announced yet but the presence of the screen on the Philips website suggests that its commercialization is expected soon.

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