Nova Slider X600 : Gaming Mouse

Nova 2 Nova Slider X600 : Gaming Mouse

Nova Slider X600: fan sliding

Known for his mouse pads, loose Nova its first mouse aimed at gamers. Ceramic pads, lateral cable and innovative ergonomics, on paper we are facing quite a competitor. It is also necessary that it fulfills its objectives. Mission report.




The Form and BackgroundNova 1 Nova Slider X600 : Gaming Mouse

Dedicated exclusively to righties, the Slider X600 benefits from a design specially designed to match the silhouette of the hand, which is particularly compelling in the first minutes of use. Everything is designed in every detail, ensuring intuitive handling and much thought, until the slight inclination of the wheel on which comes naturally to place the index. Ditto for the ring and little fingers which themselves comfortable on the right in a molded part for them. It could not be adapted to most hands!

Another advantage, not least, the presence of ceramic pads wear out and presented as providing a smooth glide disconcerting (as you use a mouse pad). And what about the cable on the right side, a trick that promotes a greater range of motion, but which will require an adjustment period that everyone probably not succeed in overcoming. Note the presence of a small clip for attaching the cable to the mouse pad. Finally the whole is a light that can interfere (95 grams), but found its followers.



Technically, Nova is the top of the cart with the ability to set at will all the keys and resolution. With a sensitivity of 400 to 3200 dpi selectable in increments of 100 I, the X600 offers three configurations that can be changed on the fly for even more responsiveness. And to more quickly identify the selected profile, the diodes are available in five colors. The sensor model is a 3200 DPI laser OvationONS of Cypress Semiconductors, already present in the SteelSeries Ikari Laser.

Nova 3 Nova Slider X600 : Gaming Mouse

Gamer mouse, the Slider X600 pulls easily out of the game in part, its advanced ergonomics by making the perfect companion for fans of Slayer MMO or FPS. If a resolution of 3200 dpi is proving difficult to assume that is not used in 2500, it allows to benefit from a speed and precision that are sure to wreak havoc in the enemy camp. A small flat at the wheel with detents are not sufficiently marked, sometimes resulting in an unfortunate sequence. Nothing dramatic, however.


With the Slider X600, Nova passes the test of fire in mouse for gamers. Certainly it has the faults of his youth, but it pulls easily out of the game since the ergonomic choices (especially the cable on the side and low weight) are digested. Remains a good mechanical grip and a very nice mouse responsive and effective both for the game to use the quotidien.8/10

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