Logitech unveiled three new pointing devices optimized for Windows 8

In view of the imminent arrival of Windows 8 on October 26, Logitech today unveiled three new pointing devices optimized for the next Microsoft operating system, and in particular to make the best Modern UI interface. Both mouse and touchpad, where touch is obviously in the spotlight!


Logitech t series Logitech unveiled three new pointing devices optimized for Windows 8
Logitech conference was called “Touch: Connect”. And because the Swiss manufacturer has decided to base its action at the end of the year on three axes: accessories for tablets, connected home and Windows 8. To justify this approach, Logitech recalled some facts, statistical form. First, one in four uses his tablet for work, 84% of users writing their emails with this tool and 33% use the same design for professional documents. In addition, sales of tablets, which exceeded those of netbooks, approach more PC sales. In terms of connected home, Logitech suggests that we spend about 4 hours a day in front of our TV, we have an average of 10 devices connected and 4 remotes. Finally, of the 900 million TV HD sold worldwide, only 35-40000000 connected. If in the first two categories the products presented were already known (Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and Keyboard Folio for iPad Solar, TV Cam HD Touch and Harmony), the third component, Windows 8, he focused all ads of the day, the number of three.

The three products announced today

The most symbolic of products unveiled today is no doubt the T650 Touchpad. Symbolic Logitech, which once again shows his ability to work upstream with Microsoft, but also very revealing of the tactile orientation made on Windows 8. And the T650 comes to embody the new interface of Windows 8 for computers without a touchscreen.

logitech t650 Logitech unveiled three new pointing devices optimized for Windows 8

The square brick is completely smooth, covered with a glass plate. The entire surface is touch her, so it can perform its clicks anywhere, even if default Logitech has defined a zone in the bottom right to right click. But this area, like all the gestures proposed, is customizable. And in this area, the T650 is not stingy, since it supports 13 different movements. Vertical and horizontal scrolling, middle click, navigation apps Modern UI by dragging the left edge of the display bar charms from the right edge and bar open apps from the high ground, pinch two fingers and that multiple movements made three fingers (on Modern UI as a return to the Home screen) or four fingers (on the desktop, such as the repositioning of windows).

t650 logitech touchpad Logitech unveiled three new pointing devices optimized for Windows 8

From what we’ve tried, it works very well, taking into account movements is responsive and fluid. The pavement recharge via USB and is a month without recharging. It includes a real physical switch in addition to its automatic standby. Logitech uses no surprise its technology Unifying wireless communication, it will have to graft a mini dongle to the computer controlled by the keypad. The touchpad T650 will be available in October at € 79.99.

Then comes the T620 Touch Mouse. The purpose here is the same, except that the device takes the form of a mouse, and therefore the touch area is more restricted than the Touchpad. But it still covers about two-thirds of the mouse, the only portion not being actually touch one where you press the bottom of the palm of the hand. The T620 supports six movements: vertical and horizontal scrolling, navigation between apps and bar spells (by dragging the mouse to the edge inward from the left or right), and middle click home button. This of course in addition to the usual left and right clicks. And the score is provided by a laser sensor. Again, Logitech Unifying technology uses his communication for wireless mouse is not rechargeable but a battery life of 6 months. It will be marketed at € 69.99.
logitech t620 Logitech unveiled three new pointing devices optimized for Windows 8

Finally, for those who want a mouse more like those typically found, Logitech Touch Mouse propose the Logitech T400. The latter retains the traditional physical clicks, but replaces the wheel with a touch area. Much more narrow than the T620, the area remains large enough to allow the vertical and horizontal scrolling. And a shortcut to start the home Modern UI interface. The T400 also works wireless and holds up to 18 months! The smaller model will be available at the same time as the other two for € 49.99.
 Logitech unveiled three new pointing devices optimized for Windows 8

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