Apple dethroned Coca-Cola

apple logo hd After 13 years of Coca-Cola being the Best Global Brand, technology companies have dethroned it. This is Apple’s year, according to reports from marketing firm interbrand. On the second place we find Google, Coca-Cola settling for the third. The criteria used in the making of the list are various. Things like how well the products influence the customers, the stability of earnings ...Read More

Global release of FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS ™

fifa14 logo The day that virtual football world was eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS ™ , the latest installment of the series, is now available worldwide . The four corners of the world , gamers snapping up physical versions of the game in specialized stores control or pass on the PlayStation ® Network. Through innovations such as Strikes Pure , the accuracy of movements, the Real ...Read More

Is GTA V’s torture scene too violent?

Picture-GTA-5-Wallpaper-Full-HD-187 During the first day of launch, Rockstar Games topped previous record set by Call of Duty: Black Ops II ($500 million sales) with their newest game Grand Theft Auto V. Sales show a success worth of $800 million in the first day. After three days since the launch, the game has reached the $1 billion level. The main three characters of the game are: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. The fictional city ...Read More