HP announced the launch of new multifunction printers

In addition to new laptops and desktops, HP also announced this morning the launch of new multifunction printers. With the exception of the first model prices, all are now “connected”.

HP Envy 120
HP envy 120 HP announced the launch of new multifunction printersThe printer Envy third generation, the most high-end printers for individuals to HP continues to focus on aesthetics. The simplicity and compactness are set, especially at rest. In operation, the control panel and the paper tray (80 sheets only) are motorized and retract automatically. The scanner lid is glazed on her, but from a purely aesthetic (not scanning transparencies or duplex scanning in a single pass).

The “Envy 120″ is also a multifunction three-in-one (print, scan and copy but no fax) feature rich but conventional. Its capacitive touch screen of 4.3 inches and N Wi-Fi connectivity (not Ethernet) give it connected features: AirPrint allows you to print without a pilot from a terminal or an Apple computer, you can print while qu’ePrint emails and attachments sent to a given address.

The “HP Envy 120″ will go on sale in mid-November at a retail price of 250 euros.
photo hp envy 120 HP announced the launch of new multifunction printers
HP also renewed all its mono printers and multifunctional family Photosmart. The entrance to the high-end models are adorned with additional functions and screens are growing:

Deskjet 2510 All-in-One 70 euros printing, scanning and copying, no network connectivity
Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One 90 euros automatic two-sided printing, scanning and copying, network connectivity, ePrint
Photosmart 5520 e-All-in-One 110 euros: Same 3520 with a 2.8-inch touchscreen
Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One 150 euros: as 3520 but with a 3.5 inch touch screen, a memory card reader, USB host and support applications
Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One 200 euros: as 6520 but with a fax function and an automatic document feeder

All these printers are available now or will be by the end of the month.

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