Ford and Microsoft developed Sync technology

ford logo Ford and Microsoft developed Sync technologyFord will incorporate a new technology in its future vehicles. This will allow the management of Voice SMS messages on mobile phones, so the driver keeps his eyes on the road. U.S. automaker Ford will offer soon a new technology with the embedded system in its vehicles.

Developed by Microsoft and called Sync, it gives you the advantage of a voice SMS received on your mobile phone, which has been previously connected via Bluetooth.

More specifically, when receiving a message, a voice synthesizer announces that a message was received, indicating the sender, you have the options to read or even write a pre-recorded response as “Yes”, “No “,” Thank you “,” See you in 10 minutes “,” I will call you later “,” I love you ” . The system is controlled using voice commands like “read message”.
This should allow people to keep the eyes on the road, instead of rushing on their mobile phone upon any SMS.

The first Ford model to take advantage of this feature will be the B-MAX, which was presented at the last Geneva Motor Show and arrives in September 2012. Later,  Focus sedan and Kuga crossover will have it too.

Below is a video showing the Sync feature:

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