Cube game from Google Maps

google cube Cube game from Google MapsWe learn about the launch of Google + Cube, a maze game, a “Chrome experience” based on WebGL and Google Maps.

“Inspired by Video Explore Your World, Cube is an interactive maze in 8 levels that tests your ability to navigate different cities while using the functions of Google Maps.” Here’s how Google presented Google + course, his new game Cube.

This is clever, the game teaches you how to leverage the functionality of Google Maps. The goal is to bring the little blue ball at a specific point in minimum time. The score is in turn calculated once you have completed all the steps. Each face of the cube represents a card on which you will play …

Google has added a good dose of interactivity by offering challenge their friends via Google + particular. The Web giant also recalled several times that the game is based on WebGL display technology, which therefore requires a browser: if Cube works with Firefox, you can not make it work in IE8 / 9. Play the game on Google Cube.

Last note: The computer in while we are equipped with fiber internet, the game took more than 5 minutes before started …

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