Connectivity is a human right

 Connectivity is a human right

What Mark Zuckerberg has in mind for the future is not an easy plan. He wants to connect people all over the world. He wants Internet to be available for everyone. As only one third of the population (2.6 billion) has Internet access, Mark Zuckerberg wants to deliver it to the other part of the population. His dream is to offer the option of using the Internet to the 5 billion people who don’t have the possibility.

This is an ambitious plan that will require the help of many of Mark Zuckerberg’s competitors. He himself has understood that and he has asked the help of companies like Google, Alcatel, Nokia and Samsung. These are not the only partners that will help with the developing of the as the project is called.

The main purpose of the partnership is to combine knowledge and to share it. Those who are part of the program will have to mobilize the governments and industry in order to offer everyone the option of being online.

Although this might already seem like an impossible project, there are other obstacles that need to be overcome. The main issues, that might be big problems when trying to develop the project, are things like: the shortage of electricity throughout the poor countries, the poor infrastructure or even the lack of it, extreme poverty and widespread illiteracy. These are issues that need to be attended in order to have a successful project with great results.

There is no point in giving people the option of using Facebook or other text based platforms that allow them to connect with each other, if they don’t know how to read or write.

You might think that this is just another idea to make more money for companies that handle this field. But in reality, as Mark Zuckerberg himself says, they already have reached the part of the population that has more money than the rest of 5 billion combined. This is a project meant to help the world and to resolve important problems of this generation.

Although this is a great plan we will have to wait a while for it to become reality.


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