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Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8

firefox logo Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8

Mozilla is working at a version of its Firefox browser for Windows 8. The development is well underway and Brian R. Bondy, one of the developers working on the project, has released some screenshots of the new interface on his blog. It also provides some details about the version under development. This first draft is ...

Google’s Go Programming Language

go Googles Go Programming Language

Do you know many programming languages​​? I know there are a lot of them, and as if those were not enough for the programmers to learn, Google has now added one more to the list. Go 1 is the first version of the programming language open source from the giant Google, which has been working for ...

Internet Explorer 10 : New security measures

internet explorer logo Internet Explorer 10 : New security measures

Microsoft is back on aspects that its Internet Explorer browser 10 includes to the new security measures offered by the later Windows 8. On its next operating system, Microsoft SmartScreen extends functionality. Introduced in Internet Explorer 8 to strengthen anti phishing tools already available on IE7, this device offers an audit of all websites and downloads ...