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HTC launched the “One X”

htc one x logo HTC launched the One X

The One X HTC smartphone is the first quad-core Tegra 3 to point the tip of its pixels on the market. Introduced with much fanfare at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the mobile promises to be powerful. At the launch conference, HTC has also insisted on the picture and audio capabilities of the terminals ...

Video demonstration of Google Glasses

google glasses side Video demonstration of Google Glasses

Google has officially unveiled its new project to articulate the Android system on a pair of glasses. For several weeks the rumors about the upcoming marketing by Google of a pair of futuristic glasses with a camera and an Internet connection. Dubbed Project Glass, this initiative is very real and Google released a video showing his ...

Motoluxe: Motorola’s new stylish and trendy smartphone

Motorola Motoluxe Motoluxe: Motorolas new stylish and trendy smartphone

Motorola announced  "Motoluxe", a new smartphone "stylish and trendy" that launched in the United States in January. The "Motorola Motoluxe" in any case puts focus on finesse, offering a relative diagonal / thickness close to that of the Galaxy S II, respectively, with 4 inches and 9.85 mm (4.27 and 8.49 against ). Provided it does ...