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Cadillac XTS Capless Fueling

Cadillac logo Cadillac XTS Capless Fueling

Replacing the fuel cap with a valve system is already on the market. It offers a cleaner fueling and prevents the user from forgetting to plug the station or being retained by a wire, which can scratch the bodywork. In addition, storage of fuel is fully waterproof, an open circuit can trigger a fault code ...

B-Class F-Cell: an electric car supplied by a fuel cell

mercedes benz b class f cell front B Class F Cell: an electric car supplied by a fuel cell

No, Mercedes will not produce stealth cars. But, in the time of an advertisement, one of his models was covered, at least on one side by a layer LED, making it almost invisible. This was to promote a prototype: the B-Class F-Cell, an electric car fuel cell consuming hydrogen. To create a buzz with a promotional ...

Ford and Microsoft developed Sync technology

ford logo Ford and Microsoft developed Sync technology

Ford will incorporate a new technology in its future vehicles. This will allow the management of Voice SMS messages on mobile phones, so the driver keeps his eyes on the road. U.S. automaker Ford will offer soon a new technology with the embedded system in its vehicles. Developed by Microsoft and called Sync, it gives you ...