Cadillac XTS Capless Fueling

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Replacing the fuel cap with a valve system is already on the market. It offers a cleaner fueling and prevents the user from forgetting to plug the station or being retained by a wire, which can scratch the bodywork. In addition, storage of fuel is fully waterproof, an open circuit can trigger a fault code to the engine control unit.

Cadillac XTS Cadillac XTS Capless Fueling


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On Cadillac XTS , the stopper is replaced by a system with two valves that open when the fuel nozzle is introduced. This double seal with two rubber gaskets isolates the tank from the atmosphere. Moreover, unlike the car tech competitors, the Cadillac system has no internal drainage pipe which could also release the fuel. Finally, the size of the component has been reduced because it is sized for more than a hand can unscrew a cap.

Cadillac XTS Capless Fueling system Cadillac XTS Capless Fueling

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