Boot to Gecko : Mobile OS from Mozilla

boot to gecko logo Boot to Gecko : Mobile OS from MozillaA new player should soon arrive in an already overloaded game. The Mozilla Foundation is preparing to enter the market with its mobile OS smartphones boarding house, “Boot to Gecko”.

The first devices of this type should hit the market at the end of the year. Brazil would be the first country to benefit, via the operator Telefonica Vivo.

It is not known yet what will build the terminal manufacturer, whose arrival is expected since the project was released in July 2011. The mobile OS is open source Mozilla, so it will compete directly Android.
Rethinking the execution of applications

“B2G” (Boot to Gecko) should have the feature of changing the way applications run on a smartphone, and will allow users more control of what these programs are on their mobile.
Mozilla Boot 2 Gecko OS Boot to Gecko : Mobile OS from Mozilla
In fact, the applications will look like rather to web pages (thanks to the HTML5), and they can share data and links. The system is centered around the Gecko rendering engine of Mozilla (which is present in Firefox), which allows the display of web pages.
boot to gecko apps Boot to Gecko : Mobile OS from Mozilla
The Mozilla Phones Brazilian will not be locked, and their prices should be “affordable”, according Telefonica Vivo. To see if the developers will follow, to expand the catalog of applications …

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