B-Class F-Cell: an electric car supplied by a fuel cell

mercedes benz b class f cell front B Class F Cell: an electric car supplied by a fuel cellNo, Mercedes will not produce stealth cars. But, in the time of an advertisement, one of his models was covered, at least on one side by a layer LED, making it almost invisible. This was to promote a prototype: the B-Class F-Cell, an electric car fuel cell consuming hydrogen.

To create a buzz with a promotional video clip of his B-Class F-Cell, Mercedes has had a rather novel idea: make it invisible. They were convinced that this prototype has no effect on its environment. This electric car is in fact supplied by a fuel cell, that is to say a device by reacting oxygen from the air of the hydrogen to produce electricity and water vapor.

In this B-Class F-Cell (for fuel cell, which means fuel cells), hydrogen is stored under pressure to 700 bar in a tank that says Mercedes, is filling in three minutes. Autonomy would be 400 km. The current problem is that there is no public distribution of hydrogen capable of refueling.

To promote its B-Class F-Cell has a hydrogen engine, Mercedes has created a transparency effect to one side of the car by applying strips of LED disseminating images of the landscape.

Mercedes Benz B Class F CELL B Class F Cell: an electric car supplied by a fuel cell
The principle of the electric car fuel cell is not new and several manufacturers are working on this issue for several years. Many believe that this is the future of electric cars, provided to build a network of manufacturing and distribution of hydrogen.
mercedes benz b class f cell electric motor B Class F Cell: an electric car supplied by a fuel cell
So to understand this idea of ​​low impact on the immediate environment, Mercedes had the idea for an original advertising, making the object invisible. The technique is a little cumbersome: while the driver side B-Class F-Cell was covered with strips of LED. This coating diffuses images filmed by a camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II set him on the other side of the vehicle. In the end, the car appears completely transparent side view. For the purpose of this video, the car went through several German cities. Certainly it is not really gone unnoticed. A highlight for a stealth car!

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