Are you interested in the newest TV technology?

 Are you interested in the newest TV technology?

Although you  probably don’t complain much about your HD TV, and you feel satisfied by the quality of the image, the TV makers have started developing something new for you. The 4K and OLED are considered to be an upgrade to the HD TV technology.

We don’t really know the impact of this technology. It is hard to anticipate if it will have a big success or not. But if we have learned anything from history is to not have great expectation. For example, remember how much fuss was made around the 3D TVs. You should know that they weren’t that big of a hit. The number of users is so small that it can’t even be considered by those who gather data about viewers.

Before you get all excited about these new technologies, you should know that there is not that big of a difference between the current TVs and the new ones. You are interested in understanding these new technologies? Here is some information that might help you.

OLED means organic light-emitting diodes. Before you think that this technology will reinvent the Are you interested in the newest TV technology?  TV, you should calm down. It is only a better alternative to the plasma or LCD. The easy description would be that this technology will improve the way light and color hit the screen.

If you think that 4K involves a more complicated technology, you are far from the truth. It is quite simple to explain it. The 4K has four times the pixels a regular HD TV has.


Does the upgrade worth the money?

Sony has recently released the X900A UHD TV. All in all it is a great TV, but the price tag is quite burning. We are speaking about a $5,000 dollar price tag. Many of those who have compared a clip seen in HD to the same one seen in 4K are not that impressed. They would not pay the extra money for the picture quality. The difference is just not that noticeable.

 Are you interested in the newest TV technology?


Resuming the information, here are the main points that will define your 4K and OLED experiences:




Sharper picture than the HD one

Extremely dark black levels allowed and improved color performance


In order to notice the difference you might have to sit very close to the TV

It is very expensive

Availability and

starting prices

  • Sony XBR 4K Series ($3,999)
  • Samsung F9000 Series ($4,500)
  • LG LA9700 Series ($5,999)
  • Seiki 4K Series ($699)
  • Samsung KN55S9C ($8,999)
  • LG 55EA980 ($14,999)


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