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If you consider buying the latest iPhone, you should know that there is more to it than the usual aspects (better battery, great photo-taking capabilities and storage space) people look for. You should know that everyone is interested in the latest authentication method. Although the spokesman has not revealed a thing, it is believed that the  iPhone will read fingerprints. This is an amazing new technology that will certainly improve the quality of the user experience.

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As the chief technology officer of Validity Sensors, Sebastian Taveau says “The swipe and PIN was one of the things Steve Jobs hated. It was in the way of the user experience“. This will no longer be a problem as users will be able to get to the full display by just touching the area near to the home button. This is where the fingerprint technology will be located, because this is the place that users first touch when wanting to open their phone.

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You might think that this is just a smart way to avoid using a PIN for the authentication, but the ramifications of such a technology are huge. Keep in mind that using a passwords and PINs will never be as secure as using the fingerprint technology. Phones will be more secure, and what Apple is trying to accomplish by that, is the expansion of sectors like mobile payments and enterprise computing. These are some of the sectors that demand the highest security level.


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Even those in the payments field approve of this fingerprint technology, and have high hopes for it. David Marcus, president of Paypal says that “Within the next two years the vast majority of high-end smartphones will have biometrics and mainly fingerprint logins. It’s going to be very useful for payments“. It is also believed that banks and other payment companies will be a lot more motivated to develop apps for the iPhone, because of this kind of authentication.

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In addition to the high end version, that will be called ’5S’, Apple will release a cheaper version of the new iPhone that will be available in China and other developing markets.

Although the information about the fingerprint technology has not been yet confirmed, many are already excited and curious about what they can do with the new phone. Are you excited about the new fingerprint technology?

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