84” 3D 4K TV from Sony : the amazing KDL-84X9005

Sony 4k 3d 84 3D 4K TV from Sony : the amazing KDL 84X9005 Sony took advantage of 2012 IFA to unveil its new  84″ TV . In definition 4K is 3840 x 2160 pixels or  4 times 1080p. A high-definition display with a diagonal of 213 cm, inevitably it is impressive.
sony bravia kdl 84x9005 84 3D 4K TV from Sony : the amazing KDL 84X9005
Sony KDL-84X9005 is 3D compatible, and can easily handle Blu-ray 3D to deliver an image scaled to 3840 x 1080 pixels for each eye with 3D passive glasses , compatible Dual Play, which allows you to play two on one screen each enjoying a 1080p image over the entire display surface. Sony also states that its TV is equipped with “Live 10 Unit Speaker” favoring immersion, using two vertical three way speakers for a total of 50W. Again, we must listen to the TV to get an idea of ​​its sound qualities.

sony dual play glasses 84 3D 4K TV from Sony : the amazing KDL 84X9005

The TV is waited at the end of the year, the price has not been revealed but make sure you will need an appointment with your banker.

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