Monthly Archives: April 2012

HTC launched the “One X”

htc one x logo HTC launched the One X

The One X HTC smartphone is the first quad-core Tegra 3 to point the tip of its pixels on the market. Introduced with much fanfare at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the mobile promises to be powerful. At the launch conference, HTC has also insisted on the picture and audio capabilities of the terminals ...

Philips LCD ErgoSensor identifies the user’s posture

philips logo Philips LCD ErgoSensor identifies the users posture

Freshly presented by Philips, the LCD ErgoSensor integrates a sensor that identifies the user's posture and sends alerts to correct its position according to several parameters. The CMOS sensor disposed on the top of the screen can detect the posture of the user and the distance which separates it from the device. The ErgoSensor is also ...

More than half a million Macs infected with a Trojan

apple logo More than half a million Macs infected with a Trojan

A recent study 550 000 Mac would be infected with a Trojan, mainly in the United States and Canada. That report was made by Doctor Web, a Russian antivirus. The team has analyzed the deployment of a trojan called BackDoor.Flashback.  "Once again this contradicts the statements of some that there is no cyber threat on Mac ...