Monthly Archives: March 2012

Google’s Go Programming Language

go Googles Go Programming Language

Do you know many programming languages​​? I know there are a lot of them, and as if those were not enough for the programmers to learn, Google has now added one more to the list. Go 1 is the first version of the programming language open source from the giant Google, which has been working for ...

Razer designed Hydra for exigent gamers

 Razer designed Hydra for exigent gamers

Razer is a specialist gaming device for the very demanding gamers. This is a completely different, the manufacturer has addressed the motion detection on the PC. The idea is to replicate the movements with precision to lead characters including action games in the first or third person. The kit consists of a futuristic ball that ...

Intelligent LED Light Matrix from Opel

opel logo Intelligent LED Light Matrix from Opel

  Opel is currently finalizing the development of a new intelligent lighting. The Intelligent LED Light Matrix makes night driving much more comfortable. To do this, the engineers of the Blitz brand have opted for a system with LED matrix assisted by a camera located between the windshield and the rearview mirror. Once a car or light ...