Superman or Batman? It doesn’t matter as long as I have the Batmobile!

batmobile Are you the ultimate Bat fan? If the answer is yes, you need to know that there is a perfect car for you, presuming you about £90,000 laying around. This car was built by another UK Batman fan. Besides the amazing look, the car has great hydraulic suspension system and it goes from 0 to 60 miles in 3.7 sec. The car has a flamethrower! The Batmobile is the ultimate toy for a t ...Read More

Technology at its finest!

glass_logo We might have overlooked the benefits of Google’s Glass. We all are excited for the novelty but some see in this invention a new way of life. We are talking about the disabled ones who have found in this piece of technology a new way of discovering the world. The case of Tammie Lou Van Sant is just the latest one arriving on the Internet. She is a 52 year old quadriplegic woman that loves takin ...Read More

People dislike Yahoo Mail’s redesign

yahoo mail logo   Yahoo wanted to surprise their users with a new mail redesign for Yahoo Mail’s 16th anniversary. But things did not go exactly as planned. Most of the users do not appreciate the changes. There are countless complains about the changes.Most people have a big problem with some of the essential functions that are missing or their unfortunate placement. One of the problems is that users can n ...Read More